Love of Christ Church

The Nehemiah Project

For the people had a mind to work... Nehemiah 4:6

The Nehemiah Project is an initiative founded by Bishop Carver Poindexter and Pastor Lorene Poindexter aimed towards bringing together financial resources to restore the house of God through our giving.

The Church Is Still Here in a Global Pandemic

With a vision to impact our community with the love of Jesus Christ and a helping hand, the Love of Christ Church has been dedicated to serving the Alexandria and Greater Washington Metro area for over 40 years. As our church facility ages, we are looking for financial and logistical support to make large-scale updates to our facility including a much-needed, new rooftop, flooring, seating as well as other major enhancements.

Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah

Join us on Monday, March 29th – Saturday, April 10th as we study and learn lessons from the book of Nehemiah. Share your takeaways and study time selfies on Facebook using the hashtag #NehemiahProject. Here is the reading schedule:

  • Monday, March 29th | Nehemiah 1
  • Tuesday, March 30th | Nehemiah 2
  • Wednesday, March 31st | Nehemiah 3
  • Thursday, April 1st | Nehemiah 4
  • Friday, April 2nd | Nehemiah 5
  • Saturday, April 3rd | Nehemiah 6
  • Sunday, April 4th | Nehemiah 7
  • Monday, April 5th | Nehemiah 8
  • Tuesday, April 6th | Nehemiah 9
  • Wednesday, April 7th | Nehemiah 10
  • Thursday, April 8th | Nehemiah 11
  • Friday, April 9th | Nehemiah 12
  • Saturday, April 10th | Nehemiah 13

Join the Alpha and Omega Fundraiser

The Alpha and Omega Fundraiser is a fun way to invite your community to support the Nehemiah Project and help you reach your giving goals.

You can also show your support for the Nehemiah Project by purchasing your very own "For the People Had a Mind to Work" Tee! All proceeds go towards the Nehemiah Project.